Color Guard / Music

Color Guard: Students learn the basics of what it takes to be a member of the Moeller Color Guard, and the Moeller Winter Guard, which competes in the winter and spring. Dance, flag work, and body movement will be the main concentrations, though other equipment and techniques will be covered. Challenge yourself to do something fun, expressive, and DIFFERENT. This camp is open to girls and boys. No experience is necessary.

Music: This camp is open to boys and girls who have at least one year of band or private music lesson experience. Working side by side with members and staff of the Moeller/MND Band, students will prepare musical selections (both current and traditional) while learning tips, tricks, and techniques that will help them become better at their instruments. They’ll learn to work as a team, discover how to practice like professionals, get their hands on state of the art technology, and put on a great show for you on Friday afternoon. Woodwind, brass, string, piano, and percussion players are all welcome.

Enroll in the summer music experience and color guard camp for $175.

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